A double bass mde in1903 by German luthier Otto Roth (1876-1954). It was 4.20 meter high (!) and the width was 2.10. It was made for the Chicago Opera.

A bass with 38 strings. Listen.

A bas by Jeff Warmouth.

Left the two stringed carton Bogdon Bass. Under an aluminium bass.

My carbon fiber Cosi bass.

Thanks for this picture Martin Senders?

Benjamin Dove made sort of a double bass synthesizer.


The Octobasse
Theo Hettema vertelt: it is from the 19teenth century and made by luthier J.B. Vuillaume.

The instrument is about 3,5 m. high. The strings are pressed down by levers.

De Auxetophone

(Sort of) a banjo bass
See this band here.

Thanks Martin Senders for these beautiful pictures! On the left a Cratian bass, above a cactus bass en rechts een fraai beschilderde bas. The bass sculpture under these pictures was also sent 6p me by Martin.

A bass sculpture by John Wiebe.

See this youtube film for the cactus bass.


Thanks Paul for thye picture on the left and under this. See this and this youtube filmp.

Adriaan Kragten sent me this picture.

Thanks Martin Senders for these 5 pictures!

Watch this bas ons youtube and this one.

Thanks Paul for the picture of the bass on the left.

See this bass and this one.

Jeroen van Keulen pointed out these stange bass guitars to me.


See the one on the right.

Dibbe van Laarhoven sent me the picture on the left. Thanks Dibbe!

A bass made out of a carton box.

And another one!

Theo Hettema sent me the fire bass on the left. Thanks!

On the right we see an inflatable bass. Thanks Theo Hettema for the link.

3 basses made by Jos Noorhoff/

Met dank aan Margot Hovenkamp, die deze bas heeft gemaakt.

Thank you Paul Hendriks for this picture!