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I walk on a pavement lit by moonlight, attracted to a sound I can just hear through a half opened door. You wouldn't notice it from the outside, but inside – in the redbrown light of a scarcely lit bar – melancholy and joy are trading places. Nobody says a word. Nobody is interested in talking to each other, for everybody's listening intently to the emotional notes of a tenor that speaks the language of their inner feelings. They hear melancholy, they hear stories being told – while brushes touch drums softly and strings breath darkly. Stories about playful souvenirs, about things that happened long ago and are almost forgotten. Stories about hopes and desires.
Peter Massink on tenorsax has found real partners to help him tell his moving stories, as 'Full Moon testifies to impressively; double bass player Philip Baumgarten and drummer Matthias van Olst. This is a CD that makes jazz speak with a voice moved by emotion.

A cristal clear recording that gives the listener the feeling he's in the same room as the trio and repertoire that moves him. Nine compositions by Massink that represent nine emotions; transparent, gracious and modest melodies.
The music is transparent and vulnerable, and of a sincerity that moves you. The language of simplicity, words that mirror the essence of things. No false moves, no unnecessary ornamentation, but an honest document. That is why this is a great recording and why these are great musicians. They make the moonlight glow.

Frank Huser

Jazzism (Hollands most important jazz magazine on paper) - 4 stars out of 5!

Bassist Philip Baumgarten seems to have taken it upon himself to make heard unknown but interesting musicians. We heard from this Groningen based bass player before when a duo recording with saxophone player Bob Anram was brought out, and now there's a trio CD with drummer Matthias van Olst and tenor saxophone player Peter Massink. Massink is relatively unknown in de Dutch jazz scene – while he's Dutch and has studied at the conservatory of Amsterdam.

Full Moon

He played with Jan Akkerman and Herman Brood, but has acquired a reputation abroad because of his cooperation with Mikis Theodorakis that lasted several years. Nowadays he lives in Paris.
Full Moon makes it clear that Holland has lost a beautiful saxophone player. West Coast musicians – as Lennie Tristano – have clearly influenced Massink. It's no coincidence that Ruud Brink taught him the tricks of the trade for some time, but Massink can also play more exuberantly, as his Rollins like calypso's testify to.
Massink has a beautiful full moon tone and a very mature sound, that he has put to use now he's made this beautiful and varied CD.
Peter Massink hasn't performed in our country for 25 years now. I'd say it's about time we changed this situation.
Tom Beetz

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