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Pot, Baumgarten & Friends

Peter Pot and I, Philip Baumgarten, contribute compositions to the repertoire of the group and René van Astenrode has also composed a few tunes for Lyon 400. A few years ago we recorded the CD Innamorato.

Pot, Baumgarten & Friends

Lyon 400


Cd opdruk Lyon 400

Pot, Baumgarten & Friends plays music that is a fusion of folk, classical music, funk and jazz.

Peter Pot - diatonic accordion
Philip Baumgarten - double bass
René van Astenrode - vibraphone and percussion
Leonieke Vermeer - grand piano
Matthias van Olst - drums
Lotte van Velthoven - cello
Sebastian Demydcuk - drums

The music
Peter Pot has contributed significantly to the development of the diatonic accordion as an instrument for improvisation.