Peter Pot is one of the masters of the diatonic accordion. In the past the diatonic accoordion was the instrument of choice of poor people and peasants when there was something to be celebrated, like a wedding or birthday. It was not taken very seriously, it was just for fun.
The way Peter Pot plays on the diatonic accordion is a form of art. This is breathtaking music! At times soft and subtle, but it can also be powerful and with great rhythm.
Peters totally original way of improvising is another contribution to the development of this instrument. Improvising is highly unusual on this instrument; Peter is one of the few in the world doing this. On top of that, he has develloped a highly surprising and musical approach.
The music by Pot, Baumgarten & Van Astenrode is a cross-over of folk-music and jazz, a style that was developed by Pot and Baumgarten during their cooperation of more than twenty years.
Peter Pot - diatonic accordion
Philip Baumgarten - double bass & fretless bass guitar
Rene van Astenrode - percussion

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