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Philip Baumgarten Trio
The music

The Philip Baumgarten Trio CD The Arrival is out now and it is phantastic! This trio is the fulfillment of a wish I've had for quite some time now: playing jazz the way I like best with fantastic musicians I like to play the most. Because I write most of the music – but not all music, Leonieke Vermeer has contributed a few beautiful tunes – the concept of this band is largely mine. It's such a pleasure to be able to play jazz like I always wanted to!
For a number of years I've been planning to record a jazz CD with my compositions, but I hadn't worked out the concept yet. It took some years before I concluded that I didn't have to compose in one style and could write what I like best. All influences that I underwent in my life are represented in my compositions. I've heard a lot of diverse music in my life. For instance, as a child I lived in countries like the USA, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ghana and Rome. Now that I've written a repertoire for this trio, it has become clear (also to me) that I like catchy melodies and a rather free way of soloing, never loosing track of the harmonies at the same time.

The Arrival

The first CD by the Philip Baumgarten Trio, that was released September 2011


Leonieke Vermeer

The band

Leonieke Vermeer - piano
Matthias van Olst - drums
Philip Baumgarten - double bass

When she was 16, Leonieke Vermeer won an important art competition (de Kunstbende) in the Netherlands with a piece she composed for solo piano, My moods. It became clear then that jazzy sounds would become very important in her musical career. She studied jazz piano and classical music at the Noord Nederlands Conservatorium, the Musiklinjen in Stockholm, the Leeds College of Music en the Royal Conservatory in the Hague.
Leonieke Vermeer plays solo piano and is a member of a number of bands.
With the band Rakia she made it to the finals of the Dutch Jazz Competition of the North Sea Jazz Festival.

I've recorded a beautiful CD by the Peter Massink Trio before with drummer Matthias van Olst. In 2010 a CD came out by Pot, Baumgarten & Friends, also with Matthias. Matthias has great taste, can play with subtlety and can also swing exuberantly. On top of that he has two more qualities that I greatly appreciate: he's a master of dynamics and is able to make fellow musicians play better. I love that; Matthias makes it easy for me to perform at my highest level!

Youtube films of the Philip Baumgarten Trio

Jeannette (Philip Baumgarten)


This video was fifth on two top video lists, sixth on two other top video lists and seventh on a topvideo list at allaboutjazz.com, the most important US jazz site.

Leofunk (Leonieke Vermeer)



The CD is sold out.