P. Pot - accordions
Ph. Baumgarten - bass
B. Kleijn - drums

Listen to

the mp3's Kuieren (Pot) and French Fakir (Baumgarten).

Peter Pot and I have been playing with each other for years now in Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten, so we know each others musical idiosyncrasies very well by now. Since a few years we have the opportunity of playing with each other on a regular basis in jazzclub the Spieghel in Groningen.

Playing together is a very special experience. We work together very enthusiastically, in fact we're very exhilarated after each performance. We enjoy playing together so much - while at the same time our cooperation results in such good music, that we keep surprising ourselves. Peter keeps developing his approach of the diatonic accordion as an improvisation instrument. The new music style that evolved from our playing together, has definitely ripened.

Recently, drummer Bert Kleijn has joined us with his very musical approach to the drums. Bert is a jazz drummer, just as I'm a jazz bass player, so it's only logical that improvisation has become more important then ever in our playing. But in this trio, I seldom play walking bass - in fact, we invented a lot of rhythms ourselves.

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