The level of bass playing is becoming higher and higher
This is very true!
I'm inclined to agree
I don't know/ I/m neutral
I'm inclined to disagree
This is not true at all!

Films of Pot, Baumgarten & Friends
Some Son (Philip Baumgarten)

Some Son

and Nectar (Arie van Lienen)


I own a nice Italian double bass, made in 1923 by Guiseppe Pedrazini. I also own a carbon fiber bass by Cosi. This bass sounds slightly more defined and it has become my main bass!
My 2 bassguitars were manufactured by Ferdinand Rikkers.
I use d'Addario on my guitar and Thomastik-Infeld on my double bass. The high C is a Pirastro jazzer.
I use a Hevos as my bass amplification

Philip Baumgarten

Double Bass

The Web Site
On this web site you can get a good impression of the groups I play in and of me as a bass player. Styles may differ, but they're closely related to jazz. Also on this website you'll find bass lessons and links for bass players.
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Download The Arrival or Innamorato by Pot, Baumgarten & Friends: download. All my CD's are described on the ordering page.

Youtube films of the Philip Baumgarten Trio
This video was fifth on two top video lists at allaboutjazz.com, the most important US jazz site. It is currently ninth on a list of top video's of the last 90 days.

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